Accomplishment Report (November 2017)

The month of November was highlighted by continued inter-agency meetings as well as international cooperation in line with addressing maritime issues, among others. This report is presented according to the major thrusts of the National Coast Watch System (NCWS), namely: (A) Policy Formulation and Coordination; (B) Developing Capabilities and Capacities; (C) International Cooperation; and, (D) continue reading : Accomplishment Report (November 2017)

Accomplishment Report (October 2017)

For the month of October 2017, the National Coast Watch Council Secretariat continued to participate in various maritime-related activities that include coordination for policy and strategy formulation, development of capabilities, and international cooperation. The Secretariat has been involved in inter-agency meetings to improve coordination and processes with regard to Marine Scientific Researches (MSR) and the continue reading : Accomplishment Report (October 2017)