Celebrating Maritime Archipelagic and Nation Awareness Month (MANA Mo) 2020

Manila, Philippines – Even in a time still ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Philippines pushes through with its fourth Maritime Archipelagic and Nation Awareness Month (MANA Mo) celebration this year with the theme “Awakening a Whole-of-Nation Consciousness on Philippine Maritime Issues through Online Platforms”.

Pursuant to President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s Proclamation No. 316 signed in 2017, MANA Mo shall be observed every September annually in recognition of several maritime-related celebrations in September such as the “International Coastal Clean-up Day” on the third Saturday of the month, “National Maritime Day” on the last Friday, and “Fish Conservation Week” on the third week.

The MANA Mo theme this year emphasizes the need for, among others, a whole-of-nation effort in raising the Filipino consciousness on the country’s numerous maritime and archipelagic issues, concerns, policies, and efforts.  Due to the pandemic, various online platforms and the free social media, which are very much accessible to all Filipinos, will be maximized for the endeavor.

There will also be posting of animated AVPs and sharing of maritime trivia on the National Coast Watch System’s (NCWS) Official Website and various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  All Filipino netizens will be encouraged to post photos on their social media accounts for the whole month of September 2020 celebrating the beauty and richness of the Philippine marine environment using the main hashtag #MANAMo2020 and other playful hashtags as #letsSEAthePHtogether, #misSEAngyou and #SEAyousoon.

The National Coast Watch Council Secretariat will also be featuring two webinars entitled: (1) “Maritime Law Enforcement vis-à-vis the Philippines as a Maritime and Archipelagic Nation: The Past, Present, and Future” and (2) “Sustainable Ocean Economy amid the COVID-19 Pandemic” featuring speakers from key Philippine maritime law enforcement agencies and the academe.  Webinar links for interested viewers will be shared on the NCWS’ social media accounts. 

Other government agencies and non-government entities including universities and local government units have also expressed their support to MANA Mo-related advocacies and will be conducting their respective MANA Mo-related activities.

Proclamation No. 316, s. 2017 urges all Government instrumentalities and the private sector to initiate, support and/or promote activities for the yearly observance of MANA Mo.

About the National Coast Watch System

Established by virtue of Executive Order No. 57, s. 2011, the National Coast Watch System (NCWS) is the Philippine Government’s central inter-agency mechanism for a coordinated and coherent approach on various maritime concerns of the country.  The policy-making body of the NCWS, the National Coast Watch Council, was designated under Proclamation No. 316, s. 2017 to coordinate and consolidate all activities related to the annual celebration of MANA Mo.  Queries regarding the month-long celebration may be coursed through Ms. Haidee M. Changcoco of the National Coast Watch Council Secretariat through the contact details provided above.

Official Website        : https://ncws.gov.ph/

Facebook                  : https://web.facebook.com/NCWSPH

Instagram                  : @ncwsph

Twitter             : @NCWSph