National Coast Watch Council

The National Coast Watch Council, usually referred to as NCWC or Council, is the BRAIN of the System. It acts as the central inter-agency body that provides strategic direction and formulates and promulgates policy guidelines. It is Chaired by the Executive Secretary and is composed of the following member-agencies:


National Coast Watch Council Secretariat

The National Coast Watch Council Secretariat (Secretariat) is the HAND of the Council. It provides technical and administrative support to the Council and makes sure that all of the strategic and policy direction of the Council are made and heard. It also has the the following functions:

  • Provide consultative research and administrative services to the Council;
  • Assist the Council in proposing and reviewing legislative and administrative issuances on maritime security;
  • Assist inter-agency committees and working groups convened and established by the Council in the performance of their respective mandates, including the provision of administrative, technical, and secretarial support; and,
  • Perform such other functions and tasks as the Council may direct.

National Coast Watch Center

The National Coast Watch Center (Center) is the LEG of the System and acts as the principal organ that implements and coordinates maritime security operations in accordance with the strategic direction and policy guidance issued by the Council. It provides 24/7 monitoring of Philippine maritime domain. The following are the support agencies of the Center: