Manila, Philippines – On 10 June 2023, the National Coast Watch Council Secretariat (NCWC Secretariat) co-presented the SpoGomi Philippines 2023 held at the Baseco Compound, Manila City. This event is a Japan-based litter-picking sport that aims to reduce marine pollution.

A total of 17 groups participated in the trash-picking sport, and a team named “Chick Trinity” was announced as the winner. The winning team is set to fly to Japan to compete with other countries during the SpoGomi World Cup in November 2023. 

Undersecretary Edmund S. Tayao, the Executive Director of the NCWC Secretariat, graced the event as a special guest. During his remarks, he acknowledged the innovative mindset of Japan for establishing a sport that is fun and eco-friendly at the same time. He added that the SpoGomi 2023 is not just about cleanup but coastal management as well.

At the end of the event, the winning team was announced, and the members received a human size ticket to Japan.

The NCWC Secretariat facilitated coordinating initiatives that ensured the safety and security of the event. This resulted in the participation of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), the Philippine Navy (PN), and the Philippine National Police Maritime Group (PNP MG) as members of the safety and security team. Additionally, the NCWC Secretariat assisted the SpoGomi Team in coordinating with the local government authorities to access the event site.