Photo by: Nico Tayao

Manila, Philippines – The United Kingdom (UK) Ambassador to the Philippines, Ambassador Laure Beaufils, visited the National Coast Watch Council Secretariat (Secretariat) for an introductory meeting with the Executive Director of the Secretariat, Undersecretary Edmund S. Tayao, on 16 August 2023, at the Mabini Hall, Malacañang, Manila. The meeting aimed to discuss maritime collaboration and cooperation, including the priorities of the National Coast Watch Council and how the UK can support these priorities and the Philippines’ maritime strategy.

The discussion revolved around the essence of an inter-agency approach to maritime concerns and operations. In line with the interest of having a Philippine maritime strategy, the Executive Director noted the National Marine Policy, which codifies the guiding principles of the Philippine government and its agencies in developing coastal and marine resources through policy areas. Moreover, the Executive Director emphasized the importance of engagement with local government units for more comprehensive data-gathering and information-sharing measures.

The Ambassador further shared that the UK boasts a progressing working inter-agency institution, which has been beneficial for the UK. She expressed her willingness to support the Secretariat and the Philippines as a whole in pursuing a coherent approach to maritime-related concerns.